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HIPAA Acknowledgement

HIPAA Acknowledgement

I would like to see Softdent have a tab on patients screen for HIPAA In this tab you should be able to add to whom the patient wishes his/her information to be released to. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for submitting an idea @admin_bowlerdds ! I'm going to move this to the Ideas area of The Exchange community to ensure our developers see it. 

Premolar II

We would like this in WinOMS, too- to appear in the HIPAA window/tab at the top right. "Talk with family member" is useless and a poor representation of HIPAA confidentiality requirements, because it's not like they're giving us permission to speak to everyone they're related to, nor strictly to family members. It gives us no actionable information when handling incoming calls.

Having to go to the Contact Notes and scroll through or filter to find the HIPAA Acknowledgement to know whom exactly we do have permission to speak with is, frankly, poor design. We need to know *instantly* when somebody calls in about the account if we're even allowed to speak to them; it's not strictly needed when we're taking time to prepare for outgoing phone calls. We receive a LOT of calls from callers who do not have permission from the patient, and we must end the call at that; this isn't a minor issue.

These HIPAA security restrictions have been required since 2003... it is exceedingly frustrating that our technology still hasn't caught up 15 years later.