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Improvement Ideas

Improvement Ideas

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It would be great if the schedule would update on all of the computers office wide when a change is made to the "block booking production" for today's schedule. Currently it will only update if you leave today's schedule and come back to it. This has created multiple scheduling errors for us. 

We also find when using the "Needs Review" attachment list the software slows way down when attempting to scroll through the list and especially when "marking reviewed". Is there anyway to enhance the speed? I have one doctor that is now refusing to review the necessary attachments due to the time it takes. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @vdom48381

Thank you for the post! I am going to get this moved to our "Ideas" area so our product managers will have it there. 

If you need to get to this post in the future, or have other ideas for PracticeWorks, from the main menu click Practice Management > Product Ideas and that will take you to our Ideas/Enhancement Requests area.