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Instant Messaging between workstations in office

Instant Messaging between workstations in office


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Canine II
I am following you too!  :-)
Canine II
Woot Woot!!  this is an informative forum.  I have noticed a Doctor that I Configured his data is in it as well. Pretty cool so it is Doctors, Staff, support and whomever. 
Canine II
I know, I trained an office in Arkansas and the office manager is on.   Kinda like Linked In but Carestream only. 
Canine II

I will cherish it always!

Canine III

This would be very helpful. I currently use a free program called Slack to instant message but using one program would be awesome! 

Premolar III

They tried it some years back.  Called "Lights" or something to that affect.  The message scrolled across the screen in some wacky type of way.

It was a bomb! (not in the good way).

Just try BlueNote Communicator - they are very customer service oriented, and update their product regularly.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


This is something we are getting quite a bit of interest in.   Would you mind sharing what about BlueNote you enjoy/not enjoy?


Canine II

This would be very helpful. We have two offices and use Skype messenger to communicate but would prefer something more internal. 

Canine II

BlueNote is an AMAZING program and has a lot of functionality, especially in customizing what each light means and can say.  We've set up default messages for each chair re: frequently needed comments (i.e., Ready for hyg. check, ready for op, ready for local, ready to place brackets, etc.). The colors for each chair, or message also change colors with time that has passed so that everyone knows how long the patient has been waiting on the next step in an appt. such as when they arrive, were seated, finished w/assistant prep, waiting after local has been given, etc. Depending on who is logged in at each workstation, you can easily send a communication directly to that user and responding to each message is very easy, too. The setup is extremely easy and customer service with the company is among the best I've ever experienced. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to everyone!! 

Canine II

I agree, an  "Instant message"/real time communication function would be very beneficial and efficacious. This would at least provide a certain level of present day basic tech/coms that should be considered standard.

Specifically, CS WinOMS, would benefit greatly if we were able to communicate in real time between departments (front desk, clinical, financial, etc) within the parent software/patient chart. *Also an appointment tracking function (outside of the Point-of Care window) would be extremely helpful and should be considered a standard. 

Although this would be a valued built-in functionality, there are many vital areas that are severely in need of an upgrade/overhaul. I sincerely hope that Carestream has teams working on bringing it's software (can speak only on WinOMS) up to date and in line with many of other present day EHR platforms. Spotty, delayed, and glitch laden updates that often address only singular aspects of the overall picture are becoming tiresome and, unfortunately, the expected norm.