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Itemised Invoice with data range and items you can pick

Itemised Invoice with data range and items you can pick

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As we run a fully private practice we have more and more request to provide our Patients with invoices. However this is a nightmare at the moment because we have very limited options (if any) and we cannot chose range of dates to be covered by Invoice. Sometimes Patients want invoice at the end of treatment, sometimes they want them every visit. All we can do now is manually update invoice (takes time and time is money), and save it as different version of invoice produced by software. 

Can you please look into this and provide us with better functionality when producing invoices? If at least we could decide what dates should be covered by such invoice, it would be great. I believe we are not the only ones with this issue and I hope we will get support with this matter from others as well Smiley Happy.

Canine II

We always have the same problems - PLEASE HELP

Canine II

Good afternoon @lukemx and @Hinapopat 

Thank you both for submitting your comments. Can you tell me which product is giving you these issues, so that I can direct you to the right person? 

Many thanks in advance.