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Manual Patient Registration Forms

Manual Patient Registration Forms

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     Eventually we will move to the EMR but in the meantime we have things like the patient registration forms, pano's/PA's, etc. into the EMR. When we electronically receive a patient registration form and merge it into the patient account via the Registration Queue button, it ends up under the Documents tab in the Attachments tab and also puts a copy into the EMR under Patient Reg. This merged version labels itself "Patient Registration Form." Our patients who fill them out in office are scanned into the system. The only header manually chosen to get our patient registration form into the Patient Reg under the EMR is "Health History Form." We would like to have a "Patient Registration Form" header that also sends a copy to the Patient Reg of the EMR.

     Whether this is set up as a System set Image Category or if there is a way ourselves to link a new category to have a "copy to:" option that would be most appreciated!

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