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Medical Alerts need designated place (should be separate from "alerts")

Medical Alerts need designated place (should be separate from "alerts")

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Medical Alerts should have their own place .  We use charting and "Alerts is the only option front desk has to inform clinical staff/Dr. For example: Patient has HIV and Latex allergy. That's 1 pop up put in initially at start. 2nd alert-financial update for Dr. 3rd alert M has question for Dr 4th alert dentist has question.  When the clinical staff opens chart the HIV/Latex which are EXTREMELY important get lost beneath  the other 3 alerts. Medical history is crucial and deserves it's own place.  Also, it shouldn't automatically pop up for patient to see until you click the hide button. Ideally there would be an emblem alerting staff of medical condition. as far as the fix please note -It's counter productive that the clinical staff be required to access  anything other than clinical charting to view medical history , and the same for front desk be not be forced to open charting.  

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi @Lindsey!

Thank you for voicing your concern - I'm sure you are not the only person with this problem and I'm happy to address it. 

Using your example, it sounds like the front desk is errantly putting Alert 2, 3, and 4, in Medical Alerts when they should be Comments.  When you search for and open a Patient Chart, there is a blue Patient Information icon that the administrative staff uses to enter basic demographic information (name, address, phone number, patient status, etc.).  Near the bottom left of this screen, there are two separate areas for pop-ups.  The first one "Alerts" should be used for Medical Alerts like HIV, Hepatitis, Allergies, etc. The second one "Comments" should be used for the other reminders you are describing like Dentist has a Question, Financial Update, etc.  Both boxes give you the option for to set as "Acknowledge" or "Do Not Acknowledge" when you enter the patient's record, so if you want to maintain the note, but not have it pop up, select "Do Not Acknowledge" when creating the comment.  

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Lastly, there could be a third (or even a fourth) area where you can sort your notes/reminders.  Inside the Treatment Card at the top of the screen there is an area titled "Promises".  (This title can actually be changed in Charting Maintenance.)  Here you can type information free form - these little notes do not pop up when you enter the chart.  Also at the very bottom right of the screen is an area called "Futures".  Futures are future reminders.  If we need to remind ourselves to get updated info, take update photos or xrays, reach out to the referring dentist, etc.  We can set future dated reminders that will pop up inside the treatment card and remind us when it is time.  

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As you can see, there are many options, (if none of these are quite right, there is still Personal To Do, Today's Visit Notes, and Notes Tab as options for places to type in data/reminders, but I didn't detail them because they didn't seem quite right for your example) the key is teaching the staff members within the office to use them consistently in a way that works for your practice.  

As far as the enhancement part of your request (having a medical symbol to click on vs a popup), I am tagging @uriyahrobinson so he can add it to our list of requests. 

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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Hi, But comments don't  pop up when clinical chart is opened right? To my understanding they only pop up when patient info screen is accessed. The clinical staff only open the clinical chart so they don't see the comment pop up. The front currently does use comments for front desk related info. 

Do you have to open the clinical chart in order to enter data in the promises field? The front doesn't usually open the clinical chart. 


From the patient info screen the alerts box is called "alerts" yet on clinical charting it shown as "Medical alerts"

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Correct, the comments do not pop up when the clinical chart is opened.  Maybe I misunderstood - I thought you only wanted the auxiliary staff to see the Medical Alerts so they didn't get buried in administrative notes.  Do you want the back to see the administrative notes too, just in two different pop ups? 

You do have to open the clinical chart in order to enter data in the promises field - this would be geared clinical. 

The Alerts box on the patient screen and the Medical Alerts box on the Treatment Card are the same fields yet named differently.