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Need to submit electronic medical claims

Need to submit electronic medical claims

As a customer who is performing more sleep apnea cases (it is a large part of my business today, and growing every month), I would like to submit electronic medical claims directly from PracticeWorks so that I do not have to pay some third party a ridiculous fee to submit those claims for me.

Canine III

I had asked this question in the past and was told there is no way to send Medical claims directly through Practice Works


Unfortunately, we still do not send medical claims electronically, or print the full form on paper.   We only have it set so that we can fill in the blanks on pre-printed 1500 forms so they can be mailed in.


Canine II

Please update Softdent to allow medical claims to be billed electronically.



Canine II

Re: Medicare secondary payer.

Has there been a way developed to submit MSP claims through CSWinOMS for these types of claims?  To-date I see no fields available to provide the necessary information Medicare requests in their required segments and loops.