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Negative weeks for overdue patients

Negative weeks for overdue patients

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I would like to request that the feature of putting in the timeline of when to see the patient for their next appointment be able to show a negative value, thus indicating how far overtime the patient is for being seen.  This would help us to know, at a glance, on the scheduling screen how critical it is to get the patient in right away (if they are months overdue) or it can wait a week (if they are only a day overdue) or if it was just forgotten to input when we saw the patient and have to click through on their treatment card to actually see that information.  Currently, once the suggested time for scheduling an appointment has occured, it just goes blank and we don't know if they are overdue, and if so how long overdue, or if it was just neglected to be entered at their last appointment.  

We currently do use the recall list idea as a workaround, but that doesn't catch everyone.

We use OrthoTrac.