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New Data Protection Act (GDPR)

New Data Protection Act (GDPR)



Due to upcoming changes to the Data Protection Act (GDPR) in May 2018 we will need to collect consent from each patient  to allow us to contact them by phone, e-mail and text. My understanding is that this consent needs to be recorded somehow and my question is if there any updates planned in R4 making this exercise easier. Currently there is no way of registering patients preferences. This could perhaps be added to the <<Personal>> tab.


As R4 is used for recalls and reminders by text and e-mail it will be helpful if such functions are built in. As a practice we frequently also use the queries function to create specific patients lists for targeted marketing such as offers.


I look forward to your comments.



Canine III
Hi! I was just reading one your responses to the medical history pop up for updates.. do you think you screen shot and email me what your pop up box that you created looks like? I'm interested in trying this...
Premolar I
Sure- I will send you a screen shot of our dummy patient chart that we created for training.  You'll see the chart is open and then in the lower left corner is the Medical History update form we created.  You can add whatever boxes or info in here and customize it to what you want or need.  You can also update the form each time the patient is in and it will save the previous form's history - which is nice for reference and legal reasons.
Premolar I

Let me know if you need anything else....


On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 8:24 AM, Jenny Chong <>

Canine III
Hi Jean, thanks so much! I went ahead and made a new template for the medical history update..When you use your form, are you able to add to the existing entries so that you are able to see past and present one page?
Iv'e found that I cannot edit the used form entry after the day has passed, thus needing to make another blank "update" note. 
Premolar I

That is correct - you cannot edit it once it is closed- you would have to

make a second note to add any changes or additions and you could opt to

remove the previous note if you wanted to (which requires a higher security

level to do so - at least that's how we have it set up in our system).


On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 1:12 PM, Jenny Chong <>

Canine II

This was raised last summer. I hope it is ready to roll soon. see link and discussion


Canine III

Essential we have guidance on a formalised proceedure to stay compliant and this should be built directly into R4.

I would also like to see integration with e-signiature tablets to get validated patient consent for contact.