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Next appointment Codes

Next appointment Codes

When you bring a patient back into the operatory the procedure codes that are scheduled for that day automatically enter onto that days visit and also will go into the next appointment box on the lower right (the next visit box) which we would prefer if they did not.  If the assistant does not remember to change it and replace it with the next appointment code then the patient is scheduled for the wrong appointment -could they either disappear, or possible have a box

that pops up that’s prompts them to recheck their codes and appointment weeks out?

Canine III

Hi,when an appointment is scheduled, the pop-up will ask if you want to clear the next appt info from charting. At our office, we always clear this out.

Regarding cancelled appointments, when scheduling, there is an option called "Last" in the appointment box. This saves the information including procedure code/s of the last appointment. So if the scheduling person checks that option on the scheduling box, the last appointment information appears below, and then they can paste it into the current appointment.