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Outstanding Claims report by date range

Outstanding Claims report by date range

I would love to be able to run an outstanding claims report by date range (based on date of service). Similar to many other reports with a begin and an end date as a search criterion. 

We have already chatted with 4 or 5 team members with a few more scheduled later this week! Thanks for your flexibility and participation in this early data collection. We really appreciate the input.
Update: Looks like all team members are either scheduled for initial VOC input or have already talked with us. Thanks for your enthusiastic participation!
Canine II

Me too!  That was harder than it should have been.  Happy to be helping.

First Molar I

We run an Outstanding Insurance report weekly.  To get to it, go to Reports, then Practice Management, then Insurance Reports,then Outstanding by Company (Co).  If you want to add this as a regular report so you don't have to put in all the parameters each time, add it through the Report Manager.  The parameters we use are to leave the claim's first date sent. include regular claims, include ECS, list claims older than 30 days, and plan type includes Dental.  We run this weekly so we have a handle on how the claims are going, and can make sure they have them.  Ya know sometimes they say they haven't gotten the claims so this is another way of keeping track of everything.  AND if you put it in Report Manager, it's a breeze to run because all your parameters are set.

I tried copying the but I can't figure how you pull that in.  Sorry.

Canine III

Thank you Kay. There have been times I would like to have and older than AND a newer than date in the parameters.  I would like to be able to select both aging points.