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Outstanding payment Balance due

Outstanding payment Balance due

dear R4 development team. I have been banging this drum for many years now and I thought I was told it would be implemented. 

Could I please ask you to add an outstanding balance to the treatment tab. Which takes into account the pre payments and the total due before actual items have been completed. I have been told to complete items to achieve this result but If they are completed before the work is done this leaves our clinical records in a mess and open to confusion and criticism. 

Many of my colleagues have complained and left R4 for this very issue. Exact seems to manage it as do other systems. Please please make R 4 better!

I have lost many hundreds of pounds due to patients refusing to believe a receptionists value


paul cassar

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee
Your staff at the Great Neck office informed me that you are in another practice today but will be back tomorrow.  Feel free to call my cell phone if you would like to discuss today/tonight -- I am in a meeting from 1:30 - 3:00 and otherwise unscheduled.  
Canine III

This is a really good idea and will help all practices. R4 can have a screen which has a total for all planned treatment even if it is not completed and the balance after all payments this would help the reception staff immensely to keep tabs on how much needs to be paid. 

Canine II

Again a very good idea which is already available in SOE.

I use both systems as practice at different practices and my initial resistance to SOE is rapidly fading.

Canine III

Agreed! I also like patients to pay in advance, it saves any misunderstanding & patients are much more likely to attend. R4 should at least allow this as an option. Any management software should be working towards the benefit of its users & help us improve our business, not restrict us!