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Parking Lot - appointment trail

Parking Lot - appointment trail

Hi everyone

I was excited about the fact that there was now the option to park appointments.

This was going to be really helpful when re-arranging big family appointments etc - BUT - we have worked around the fact that if you cut and paste an appointment, the original does not show up in the appointment list, you have to go digging for it.  When sending letters to patients concerning appointments it helps to be able to have a clear view of all their appointments.

We have worked around this by copying and pasting appointments and then returning to the original to cancel it - great! shows up in the appointment list - [if you remember to cancel it and you're not too busy single-handedly trying to manage the front desk!]

Anyway - enough whinging - could you make the parking lot like you are copying and pasting the appointment rather than cutting and pasting?

Many thanks


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