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Patient Screen Improcement for Mobile Phone Fields

Patient Screen Improcement for Mobile Phone Fields

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Hi I wonder if the patient screen in R4+ could be looked to make an improvement.

When you enter the postcode it brings up the address field which has a field for Telephone Number.  We enter here both the home telephone number and tend to enter the mobile number here also.

The work tel/email button on the right hand side of the patient record if you click here it then has a field for the Mobile Phone and a tickbox for the SMS system. 

It would make much more sense for the mobile telephone number to be on the front screen.  And there be 2 fields on the front screen visible immediately -

1.  The Home Tel Number and

2.  The Mobile Tel Number

Could this be included in any updates?

We don't actually use the SMS system as our NHS Service don't wish to pay the costs, so we have the print day lists and then manually send email reminders from a mailbox. 

Thank you. 



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