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Printer Setup

Printer Setup

The procedure for setting up printers in PW is so lengthy in the configuration module. You go into the Documents menu and scroll down to 12 main menu options or one of 100 sub-menu options only to set ONE document. Why doesn't the "This computer's default" set them ALL to that printer? I understand that you may want your prescriptions or letterhead to go to a different printer but you can make those changes after the default is set for the remainder. I timed it yesterday and it took half an hour to go through on one PC to make all the changes. 

I appreciate that there is a setting to Display the print screen when printing but that should only be used when you want to make a change from the default.

Thanks in advance for listening.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your input on this! I'm adding @jdowner to this to see if he has any suggestions or input to add. I'll also move this to our Product Ideas area here on the community so our product managers also see it!


Hello Joe

The printer settings inside of Practiceworks are primarily designed so that each document can have it's own printer set up, in case any one of them need to be printed from a different printer then the main one being used. 

Because of this, the individual settings will be used first before the local default, office-wide individual settings, or office-wide default. 

As far as why the individuals settings don't get updated to the default setting titled "This Workstations default", it is designed with the assumption that the printers that have already been individually set do not need to follow the default, thus setting the default will not overwrite the individual print jobs if they have already been set. 

The two ways to then get the individuals to the new default printer will be either to manually set them all as you have done, or to clear out the printer settings in the pworks.ini on the local machine. 

To do this, go to c:\pworks\pworks.ini (configuration file type).
Open this file within notepad.  
Scroll down to the section titled [Forms]pworks ini Forms.png

 everything in that section is a different print job's setting.  if you remove all but the prDefault line, this will then clear the individual settings for those items, and they will then start following the default setting again. however, if any changes are made individually they will save again as individual settings. 



Premolar III

Thanks for the explanation. That provides a workaround which will help.