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Printing schedules for multiple doctors at one time

Printing schedules for multiple doctors at one time

It would be nice to be able to print schedules for multiple doctors at one time.  You should be able to select multiple doctors to print on the selected date and selected location.


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

My thoughts on this so far

Patients on a plan flyout see them interact with them, patients on insurance payer id see them interact with them

Please make a new Estimation plan type create an Estimation  type plan for billing allowed amount in ledger and UCR on claim form (medicaid Plan that is not Medicaid)

Need the Dr /Hyg Collection $ and Dr/Hyg production in the top level view for multi dr office

Email template needs to have the option to select guarantor 1 the parent when Minors are involved

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Allowance Tables - Need to be less time consuming to enter values. In the set up screen where you can choose one percentage to assign to all codes, you should be able to assign based on code ranges rather than one percentage across the board (which is never the case). If the user could select 0120 - 1999, and assign 100%; select 2000 - 23999, and assign 80%, etc. It would make this feature much better and easier to use. 

Not in this video, but when assigning remaining deductibles and maximums to a patient, it appears that you have to assign the family deductible/maximum first. Since it is listed 2nd, it is a strange workflow. Also, I have never seen a plan with a family maximum . . . 

I really like the look of the product, and the interactive reports. Very nice job!!

Canine II

Looks great so far. I do have a couple of observations, both on the same theme.

One of the things I've heard a lot in my various roles in the company is that people don't like unnecessary clicks in S/W: "To many clicks". I think there were a couple of examples where we could help with this in your demo.

> 5 min, 40 seconds in - would it be quicker and easier to have 5 buttons (Cash, Check (spelling error? Shouldn't it be Cheque? or is that a regional thing?), Credit card, Debit card, Insurance) rather than a drop down menu? - saves a click

>6 min, 41 seconds in - Same as above, having a dropdown for 3 items seems like an extra click for no real benefit. Having 3 different buttons (Email, Letter, Postcard) seems quicker to me.

Premolar II

Hi debi.peterson‌,

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and share your feedback!

Regarding the code ranges - would something like this work?
Here you can adjust all codes in a category:

We will take a closer look at the deductibles and maximums - there is still work to be done on insurance.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Yes, that looks like it would work too.

Premolar II

Thanks for the feedback robjd‌!

You are correct it would be one less click however there are limits on how many radio buttons you would want in a set.

Theory debate incoming!

The time it takes to scan and select the radio buttons vs the time it takes to open a drop down then scan and select.  It is usually easier to scan a list vertically than it is to scan a list horizontally.  Also when dealing with lists that can change or be edited a drop down is preferable. 

Number of clicks is one metric we should keep an eye on, agreed,  but not the only one.  Sometimes more clicks can actually get a task completed faster or make a UI easier to understand / more intuitive.

All that being said I will relay your points to the designers - good lookin' out!

Premolar II

Awesome - that is actually how the silverlight version functions so it looks like we haven't gotten that piece converted over to html just yet.  Thanks again!

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

debi.peterson‌ - Just as a quick followup. The bulk edit by code category has been fixed in Phoenix and will eventually make its way to the Demo environment. Users can now edit the Allowance Table by CDT category and make bulk edits to the coverage rules. These bulks edits can be made to all codes currently in view, whether it be all codes, a category of codes, or some subset based on a search term. Let us know if you have any additional questions and thanks again for the input. 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi Kevin,

When posting payment I didn't notice any allocation to a provider-will

this be line item accounting or balance forward accoounting.


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hey, Bert. At the moment, the allocation of payments to provider is by proxy - payments are posted against procedures and procedures are associated with providers. In this way, payments are associated with providers. However, payments are automatically allocated to procedures in a FIFO fashion. I can explain in more detail if you are interested, but these are the basics. For the moment, at least, Phoenix is not explicitly line item accounting as was done with PracticeWorks.