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RX issues in WINOMS

RX issues in WINOMS

I am still trying to embrace and work through the new rx part of the EMR. I have issues with the following:

When you add a new Rx you add it to the bottom and as soon as you "write" it, it jumps to the top of the list. You then have to go find it to check the box to then hit the icon to print. Add another and you go back to the bottom of the list. Not to mention as you do, you hit the + sign on the right top to add, then you have to go to the left, because you can only pick out of the left two columns, then go to the right and start the printing sequence over. Up, down, left, right you are all over the place. How about adding to the end of the list which would be by normal convention, and moving + , box, write, and print icons to the left, at least in duplicate. The bottle, although it gives some color, is worthless. you cannot change it and it goes nowhere. Center Prescriptions word. then all of the most frequently used functions are on the left, either instead of or in addition too.

The unusable boxes on a line: I have been putting the information on RX through the prescription itself in work-around without the use from the three unused boxes, mid-right on a line, since before it became law Jan. 2018. Support tried to tell me it was not a law in Ohio so I could not use them. It would be nice to have options if they are available available...and it is a law in Ohio...I work here.

If you are looking to reduce clicks, bring back the select as "ctrl, and L mouse button" as select.

All the above will save time and "mouse mileage"  

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Canine III

We hate the new RX printing format. It's very tedious and time consuming. The previous way was much easier. This new way is not user friendly at all.