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Record locking function

Record locking function

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The clinically accepted method is for a clinician to lock patient notes once written but to be able to add a new entry to the notes on the same day even if the notes are locked by the same or another provider should it be required (i.e. patient calls back or additional advice is provided on the same day as the notes have been written up so further notes can be added).  The notes are then locked definitively at midnight of that day.

At the moment the settings are that you can lock the notes but in order to be able to access them again you need to have the ‘Locked notes can be reopened’ function ticked on the settings.  However this enables the provider to go in at any time after the date of the original appointment to add or amend past notes.  If this function is not ticked then once the notes are locked on the same day the provider is unable to go into them again to make a new entry.  What is being requested is the facility to be able to make an additional, separate entry on the same day once the patient notes have been locked.

This lack of functionality could be pivotal in a complaints case if a provider is able to go into past notes to amend them however a provider should be able to amend notes that are written contemporaneously on the same day of the appointment.

Please could you discuss these important changes with the development team so that they can be enabled at the next software update.

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