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Responsible party info

Responsible party info

It would save so much time if the telephone, address, etc would automatically pull into the responsible party info from the patients information when putting in a new patient.  It is a waste of time to try and go back and forth to find the telephone number address, etc, and or ask the patient for the information again.



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Good day Heather ( @bracemom35 ),

This feature is already available in OrthoTrac during the patient add process.  On each Responsible Party tab, the checkboxes for "Same Last Name", "Same Address" and "Same Home Phone" are all checked by default and will pull in the last name, address and home phone # information that was already entered for the patient.  Unchecking any of those three boxes will cause that particular information to be blanked out. 

Below is a screenshot. 

2019-02-18 11_37_41.png



Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations