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Schedule Templates and Color Coding

Schedule Templates and Color Coding

We would like the option to "lock" our schedule template according to color only. This would allow us to the perfect amount of structure to schedule multiple appointment types of the same color without being too rigid with time (time as in either 'appointment type' time length but also the actual time of the day on the schedule). 


As of now, we have our template arranged by specifically colored "open time slots" throughout the day. We like to have the flexibility of appointment time lengths and appointment types but there isn't any type of security preferences to ensure that there is color compliance. It allows it to be used merely as a guide, not a true template. 

We feel like this is a great alternative for offices looking for more flexibility to the "preblock" option and more structure than a completely "open" schedule. 

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How come you have 2 profiles on the Exchange??  I started using it after the meeting and it's great!!  Gotten some good answers this way.  Hope all is well....Merry Christmas!!
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Good day Jessica (bperez‌), 

This is a good idea and I am tagging the Orthotrac PLM uriyahrobinson‌  to make sure he is aware of the suggestion for a future version of OT. 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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I am trying to figure out the Scheduler templates in SoftDent.  I would like to designate particular hours for root planning for my hygienists but want to customize it by hygienist and day.  For example, Mary would have two slots designated on Mondays, Jennie would have 2 slots on Tuesday, Shelly would have two on Wednesday...  From what I can tell, this cannot be done.  I'm hoping I am wrong.  Does anyone know how to do this?