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SoftDent Needs a Rolodex

SoftDent Needs a Rolodex

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I trained a client today that is switching from another Dental Practice Management Software.  In their old software they had a Rolodex feature, (very similar to OrthoTrac's Roladdress).  They were dismayed to find SoftDent doesn't have a place to store phone number/contact information for people and businesses that aren't patients.  They requested I pass on their suggestion to add a Rolodex feature in SoftDent. 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Although SoftDent does not have a Roladex by name. One can use the Referring Doctor list as such. If only to put in name and phone number it will store that information. 

A Roladex after all was a place to store contacts before we had social media. 


The first tab is the name of the contact.

The second tab their address can be stored.

The third tab the phone numbers.


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Ironically I still remember which client made this request!  I will certainly let them know of your suggestion to use the referring doctor list - it's a great idea.  Thanks, Tina! 

First Molar I

Careful, using the referring doctor as a Rolodex can cause issues with your Referring doctor reports and letters.  Instead, I suggest using Labs/ Pharmacies as your rolodex.  

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

I would not suggest using Labs and Pharmacies since those are so specific to their purpose. I would need clarity on how issues could occur by report and letters using the referring doctor.

The referral reports under Practice Management parameters are clear. The professional report  allows separation by format.


Each report listed has settings that would allow the profressional to not mix with say the patient referral report. 



The referring Doctor report below explains how to include all or specific.


Letters can be generated through the Letter Expert individually or by running the report ( if available) by Contact expert output option which is specific to the report generated. You can create letters directly on the Referring Dr. list under Options. 

Not sure where issues could lie except with eClaims. That solution is in the referring dr properties by checking the Exclude from eClaims