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Tracking scheduling

Tracking scheduling

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We have 5 front team members who schedule appointments regularly.  We have several scenarios where we are seeking out who scheduled a particular appointment, either because something was scheduled that is not ideal in the spot it was scheduled, or because somebody has a question about some treatment aspect or other circumstances surrounding a particular procedure or patient.  We are wondering if within the appointment creation there could be another drop-down box alongside the provider drop-down where Admin initials could be available so that when somebody schedules an appointment they select their own initials in the drop-down to indicate it was them.  For example, they would select a particular doctor or hygienist to color-code, then select their own initials to "sign" or "initial" it was them who scheduled. 

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I am not sure if this is helpful, however I check the audit log on the appointment if your front office signs in to their workstation that will tell you who scheduled the appointment.  

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Somewhat, but we would prefer something on the appointment itself that shows who scheduled.  We feel it would be most accurate as our front team does have to share stations occasionally and may be on a station where another is logged in.  There is also the reschedule factor, and we want to be able to update initials if somebody reschedules an appointment.

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Community Manager

Hello @Heidi-jo

Thank you for the suggestion, we will get this moved to our Product Ideas area.