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Two Screens

Two Screens

Is there any way WinOMS can allow you to drag a pt's chart over to another screen, or anything without having to strech the whole program across screens. This would help a ton when multi-tasking. We can do it with PDF's but not internal screens.

Canine II
Kellie Bascunan
Premolar II

Our docs would love to have the x-ray visible while doing other tasks within EMR.

Premolar I

I do not know about separating individual processes in WinOMS but You can separate your images from the chart and slide it over the another screen for viewing. I would call Carestream but if you have two monitors, all you need to do is enable OMS imaging to be "Stand Alone" instead of "Integrated". You can find this option under Utilities - My computer setting - Imaging Settings. Again, I would call Carestream when trying to do this to help you through the process but it is possible.

Premolar II

Good to know! We don't have Imaging (all our x-rays are just attachments), but we would also like other WinOMS functions to migrate between two screens (patient dock, EMR edit screen, anesthesia record, etc.)