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Update/Improvements to Implant Tracking Form/Tab

Update/Improvements to Implant Tracking Form/Tab

I am curious how others are utilizing the implant tracker. Specifically, how are you documenting cover screw vs healing abutments (with specifics) within the dedicated form for a given implant. 

The current form, IMO, is in need of a serious overhaul. Included in the list of improvements I would love to see: 

1)Entry box for attachments- healing abutments (size, lot, etc.)

2) Entry box for regenerative materials used (vendor, type, amount, etc.)

3)Area for free text- comments on the case, special circumstances, FYI for restorative dentists, etc.

4) (this is asking a lot)- method to scan/import/attach the stickers for implants/abutments/regenerative mat to the tracking form without have to attach to a separate document that is stored in a different area

Any thoughts from others?

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Canine III

I have waited two weeks to see if there was any feedback to your search for information. Seeing none I have opted to reply.

It is known that Carestream and Microsoft do not play on the playground well together. That being noted you must understand why suggestions I will make will not be common knowledge. I have worked for years to help streamline charting and the subsequent EMR especially for the doctors, as Word is sometimes recognized as a necessary evil, not a welcome partner. Keeping in mind the above information you will understand why this is not common knowledge or practice. Let's continue!

I have done the following with Word 2013, 2016, and 2019. Carestream approved Word 2016 for use with winOMSCS version 9.4 last year. Microsoft is no longer supporting Word 2007 and soon the same with 2010.

The implant tracker is a static data store. It brings in nothing from the data base. I want my implant records to be: together and dated for all implants done on a patient on the same day, in a template in the EMR labeled with a name, easily referenced, that means something, all in the same note (place) not 1 implant per block so you have to open new lines for every implant, and quick power selections of all parts added or created on-the-fly with things only open that you need.

All of the things on your "wish list" I have now as I think it should be. Sometimes standard parts created for us by cstm are slightly on the anemic side and IMO they should be better.  I do not wait, I create.

You could make a Digital Form that is everything you want. (Any Digital Form has all of the creative power of Word present.) All of the controls shown in a DF, with the exception of the multi-select list are weak. Word controls are like these on steroids. Then transfer to a meaningful description template in the EMR.

The other method to make it "future proof", if cstm and mcrosft quit playing together, is to make a Repeating Section Content Control, then transfer it to a meaningful template.

I am sure this may look difficult but the solutions are out there and are relatively simple now that they have been sorted out.