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Version 14 Chart View

Version 14 Chart View

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With the light bar being detached now, is there any way to have the charting screen formatted to not open all the way to the right. When it is open now, the light bar cuts off part of the notes section and also part of the charting for today's visit. Our Dr. does not want to come over, minimize the bar, read the notes, and pull the bar back up to see where he is going next. So if it doesn't open full screen like it does now, everything will be visible without having to minimize.

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Good day Dr. Waters (innovativeorthodontics‌),

The new Charting screen is designed to open at fullscreen to take advantage of widescreen monitors.  If you are having issues with screen space because of the light bar, you may want to consider setting the light bar to not always be on top.  Then, when Charting is opened, it will open on top of the Patient Flow / Light Bar windows. 

To change this setting, right click the Light Bar icon in the system tray (this one here):

Then uncheck the option for "Always on Top" and the light bar will no longer obscure the Charting window. 

Development is working on additional custom Charting views but for now the default is for the view to display maximized. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations