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Would like to be able to email the tx plan to patients

Would like to be able to email the tx plan to patients

Would like to be able to email the tx plan to patients.

We could use the windows print manager and select a PDF printer and then email it along with any other attachments, but that is many steps, and doesn't provide me with the tracking I desire within the software.  

Premolar I

Will this webinar be available after the webcast? Our office is closed on Wednesdays.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi karen​! All webinars are recorded and posted to the Carestream Dental Institute, so yes it will be! You can find a list of upcoming webinars and recorded webinars (where the recording for this specific webinar will be saved as well after it takes place)  by clicking this link Carestream Dental Institute LearnCenter -Powered by Taleo Learn.

Have a great weekend!

Canine III

It would be very useful to email a treatment plan, statement, etc., directly to the patient from their clipboard/chart.  At this point, I either use the PDF creator or print document, scan into system, and email.  


Hello Sheri (ks3m‌)

Just wanted to point out that statements actually be sent via email. You would need to be using the Carestream eservices to send statements electronically, and then the individual patient would need to have the option checked to have eStatements delivered via online (email). Also, that patient would need to have a valid email on their clipboard.

To get to the option to turn on eStatements email delivery you would need to go to a patient's clipboard > click on the AR setup button on the right ( just below the ledger button) and then at the bottom of that screen under the section eStatement delivery options, check the box for "Online."

A/R Setup Screenshot

This will only work with the mail out statements that you would normally generate monthly or on what schedule you're office uses.  This will not allow checkout statements or if you go to the clipboard and tell it to "re-print last statement" or do a "prep and print new statement" option to go via email. Those will all still print to a printer only.


Canine III


Thank you so much! We do have eStatements capability--I evidently need to

do a refresher course.

Have a great day!


On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Johnathan Downer <>

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Sherri, glad you are on board with eStatements!  Check back in with us after you learn about sending statements via email and let us know about your experience.

First Molar I

The way we do it is to print syatements or treatment plans to pdf, and send ot to desktop and then email it by attaching it tothe email protected. We use protected trist, for security. If wr are emailing it, we contact the patient to let thrm know the code the attachment.otherwise, it goes email mail.