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apply deductible in treatment plan

apply deductible in treatment plan

The plan deductible is not applied in the Treatment (Tx) Plan, only when the Tx is posted. The patient needs to see a correct estimate first, therefore these should both match.

Currently, SoftDent can not factor in the deductible on Tx plan. We really need the ability to give the patient an accurate treatment plan. I think it would be super if we could actually edit the "Insurance Totals" information on the lower right side when you edit a Tx plan transaction. 

Premolar II

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Premolar III

Softdent USED to add the deductible into the treatment plan, it would be lovely if they brought this ability back to us. 

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Client training today (they are converting from PW) - this was a major sticking point.  Want deductible included in patient share estimate; also want insurance to estimate individually for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary plans.