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"was not brought" choice for children and vulnerable adults

"was not brought" choice for children and vulnerable adults


Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults requires dental practices to monitor patients (children or vulnerable adults) when their parents/guardians/carers fail to bring them to appts or cancel repeatedly. They recommend a "was not brought " choice with different colouring than the others in order to spot if this is a pattern or not. 

Can you please incorporate this in R4 as it is of utmost importance. Thank you. 


Kind regards, 


Old Harlow Dental practce

Canine II

please add Was Not Brought as an option

Canine II

I rang up 4 weeks ago and was told that the "Was Not Brought" option was in development. Is there any update on this yet? I rang Carestream this morning and was just told to post on here.

Canine III

'Was Not Brought In' would be helpful  

Canine II

This would be very helpful. Please develop.

Canine II
In favour of a 'Was not brought' function - please develop.
Canine II

Please can we have WNB as an option, it would be very useful as it is now required for safeguarding reasons!

Canine II

Please add this to R4

Canine II

Please add this option as I feel it is crucial for safeguarding and being able to monitor this

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi, great news! We have added the option to mark an appointment as Was Not Brought when marking an appointment as cancelled or FTA in V8.1 of R4+.

Was Not Brought is listed seperately in the patients appointment tab, so you see the number of times this has been recorded for a patient, and will also show up on your cancellation and FTA reports.

There are other updates in 8.1 to the patients appointment tab, showing an audit trail of each appointment - so you can see how many times the patient has moved an appointment, the appointment has been cut and pasted etc without having to look through different screens 🙂

V8.1 will be available for release end of March.