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Automation Responses: Referral Document/Note

Can the Referral Sources List be used as a variable when creating a document or note?

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Re: Automation Responses: Referral Document/Note


   There is a way to do this, the complexity of the process depends on the length or the professional referral source name. If the professional referral source name is just two words like "John Smith" for example, you can just use the built in variables for referral source first name and last name. If it's something more complex like "John Smith Dentistry for Kids", then a User Define Merge Variable will need to be made to accomplish this. Once created, this variable will work for both professional and patient referrals.

   Steps for creating a User Define Merge Variable for a professional referral source.

1.) Go to Experts Menu>Automation Experts>Responses>Documents.

2.) Find the referral letter you want to add the variable to and click Edit.

3.) Click on the Edit Merge Fields button in lower right.

4.) Click on Define New button at the bottom.  


5.) Fill in the Variable name, Description, Group and Display Width fields and click Edit Formula.


The Display width field number can be larger or smaller depending on your needs.

6.) Copy and paste the following formula into the Formula box and click OK,

RefPerson.FirstName + " "
(IF(RefPerson.MidInit  >= "A") THEN (RefPerson.MidInit  + ". ") ELSE (""))

7.) The finished User Defined Merge Variable window should look like this, then click OK. 

8.) Click ok again and now the new variable should show as an option on the right side of your document under "Referral source" group and can be used in your document.