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Canine III

Migrating to Windows 10

Currently we are Windows 7 users with PracticeWorks v 8.1

We will getting a new server computer and updating our existing workstation computer to Windows 10 later this year. 

The Pervasive SQL is V11.30.57.000

Is there anything more I would need from Practiceworks to ensure the migration is seamless?

Thank you!

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Re: Migrating to Windows 10

Hello Vera

You actually should be pretty set as far as what you'd need from us.

To run on Windows 10 you would need Pervasive V11.30, and a minimum of PracticeWorks 7.9.1.  As you are at and above those versions, you are good to go.  When it comes time to do the migration you're more then welcome to give us a call and one of our install team members would be happy to assist you.