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Canine III

New Fee Schedule

I am needing to create a second fee schedule for a new associate and up to now we have always had just one fee schedule.  Is it possible to copy the fees into fee schedule 2 from #1 then do a mass update for each fee schedule so I am not having to enter each fee independently for #2?  Thank you,

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Re: New Fee Schedule

Hello Barb (bnissen‌)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy one fee schedule into another. So you will be needing to build the Fee 2 list from scratch.

Note, as you change the fee on the first code and click OK, it'll give the option to update now or later.  Choose the option for update later so that you can continue to change the fees for the rest of the codes without having to hit the option again until you hit the 'cancel' button to close the list, at which point you'll be asked how you want it to affect appointments and tx plans.