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PracticeWorks Kiosk Feature

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Where can I get more information on how the Kiosk feature works in PracticeWorks.  I looked but didn't see the information anywhere.


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Re: PracticeWorks Kiosk Feature

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Hello Joe

So, at this point, we actually have two versions of Kiosk.  The first is the old version, which is a part of the PracticeWorks software itself, and the second, new version, is part of the e-Forms module. 

The old version of the Kiosk would need to be activated on the license.  I have checked your account and I can see that it is not active yet.  There is an additional support fee to have kiosk active. However, the e-Form Kiosk is included in the support cost for e-Forms itself, so if you are using e-forms already it would just need to be set up, and that would need to be on a computer that does not have PracticeWorks itself installed on.

As far as how it works.  I can go in to more detail with the old Kiosk then I can e-forms kiosk, as I am in main support and don't have any hands on experience with the e-forms version. Basically, you would need a computer that has PracticeWorks, and the Kiosk software installed, and then the kiosk software would need to be linked to the server, which we can do for you.  

Once installed, it would need to be opened, or set to launch at startup. Once open it would take over the entire screen so that when patients come in they can go to that computer, type in their last name and then click the check in option. At that moment, it would show them checked in on the appointment books around the office.

I do know with the e-Forms kiosk though, they'd be able to fill out forms digitally as well.  however, I'll tag someone in the eServices side and see if they can add more about it.  mczar