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Canine III

Returned Mail/Incorrect Address

How do you flag an incorrect address so mailings do not continue?

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Re: Returned Mail/Incorrect Address

Hello Tammie

Unfortunately no, there isn't a way to flag an account as having an incorrect address.

I would suggest, when you receive a returned mail due to bad address that you can add a sticky note to the clipboard as a reminder to reach out to them to update the address on file. 

After that, if you are unable to make contact to get the updated information, you may want to consider inactivating the patient so that communications will not continue to be attempted.


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Premolar II

Re: Returned Mail/Incorrect Address

We put a sticky note on the "lives with", indicating that mail was returned, from what address, and with what explanation from the Post Office (ex. Moved & left no forwarding address, attempted-not known, etc.).  Then we wipe out the entire address from the clipboard.