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Canine III

Update sheet for appointments

Is there a way that when a patient comes in to the office we can hand them a form to make sure all of their information is correct, including address, telephone number and also Medical information and medications?  Thanks for any information

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Premolar I

Re: Update sheet for appointments

We print a daily batch of route slips for each patient.  When they check in at the front desk the route slip is used to verify address, phone, insurance, premed taken, name change, etc. Any changes are noted on the route slip and then we update the clipboard before they go to the treatment room. The providers are typically the ones who go over medical history updates in the treatment room.  But if  a patient informs the front desk of any changes in their medical history, those changes are noted on the route slip as well.  The providers enter any medical updates into a form in patient chart back there and patients really seem to like that better for privacy reasons.  Typically the only medical question I ask up front is if they took premed if needed. Not sure if you utilize the yellow post its in PW? You can select to have whatever you put on them print onto the route slip as well.  We like to use them to communicate to each other for info such as a patient may have recently lost a spouse and you want the provider to know that but it's not something you want to "announce out loud" in front of the patient but rather keep it private.  We also use route slips when confirming - so during the call a patient may state that they are pregnant and don't want x-rays - that info gets written onto the route slip and the provider sees it when they take the patient back to the treatment room.   We've used them that way since day 1 with PW in 2003 and when we went chart-less we discussed ways to eliminate them but everyone agreed that we really like to use the route slips for various ways of communication and updating patient info so we still use them.

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