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How to Correct a Ledger Entry after 90 Days (Requires level 10 security)

How to Correct a Ledger Entry after 90 Days (Requires level 10 security)

  1. Click File > Preferences > Ledger setup.
  2. When prompted, enter the initials and password of the Level 10 user. Click OK.   
  3. On the Ledger Setup window, change the number of days from 90 to the desired number (30, 120, 365, etc.), or enter "0" (zero) to remove the time-sensitive restriction completely.
  4. Click OK to save the change and close the Ledger Setup window.
  5. Go to the affected ledger and edit the entry as desired.

Please note: It is recommended to return the ledger Setup back to the 90-day default after the necessary edits have been made.


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Just as an additional note to this information. 

If it is the office's first time having to disable the "Error Correction Time Span" setting (AKA "90 day rule"), they will need to call in to support and have us enter in our support authorization code first. This will also require us to get verbal confirmation that it is approved to do this from the Doctor. 

After this, only a level 10 user is needed to enable or disable the setting. 

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