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PracticeWorks E-Services: Adding an Offline Credit Card Transaction

PracticeWorks E-Services: Adding an Offline Credit Card Transaction

If you have an authorized but unsettled credit card transaction that either did not initially appear in the ledger screen, or was removed before settling & needs to be added back without charging the card again.

1. Access the ledger: Click Lists > People > Edit > Ledger 

2. Click the Credit Card button on the lower right corner of the Ledger.

3. The E-Payment Screen appears (Credit Card tab should be selected). Click the Charge button.

4. At the top of the Credit Card Information screen check the Off Line (no modem) box.

5. Uncheck Card is Present if not applicable.

6. If you are not swiping the card, enter the Card Holder Name (this can be left blank but may incur additional non-compliance charges from the bank), Credit Card Account Number and Expiration Date.


Click the Last button to have the last credit card number and expiration date used for this patient populate the appropriate fields. If the CVD number is available, enter it, if not leave it blank.

7. Enter the approval number in the Authorization # field, and click OK.

8. If prompted to print a receipt, do so if needed. The Off Line transaction will appear in the Settlement Preview.

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