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PracticeWorks: Generating a List of Patient's with a Specific Treatment Code

PracticeWorks: Generating a List of Patient's with a Specific Treatment Code

To generate a report of all patients that have had a specific treatment code OR to find all patients that have had a certain procedure posted to their account (also known as the Marketing report), follow these steps:

1. Click File
2. Click Print
3. Click Other/Msc Reports
4. Click Marketing report
5. Set the desired date range
6. Select the desired producer(s)
7. Under Target transactions, click Select
8. Highlight the desired treatment code
9. Click OK
10. Repeat steps 7-9 for any other desired codes to be included
11. Uncheck the box Print only the first occurence of a transaction, to include all patients
12. Click OK

NOTE: When the report finishes, it will briefly display the number of matches it found. This can be used to get a count of all instances of a certain treatment code performed over a date range.

IMPORTANT: When additional Target Codes are added, the system will run them with an implied "or" search (e.g. It will look for patients that have had 1110, or 0120, or 4341, etc.). The results show any Patient that has had any of those codes posted to their ledger during the date range, not just patients that have had all of those codes posted.

In cases where any code(s) should be excluded from the search (so patients that have them do not appear on the report) click Select under Detail transactions to choose the Code(s) to exclude.

  • Up to six different codes can be excluded.

Additional related content found in the Carestream Dental Institute (

PracticeWorks: Running the Marketing Report Help Demo - This help demo is designed for all team members. This demo shows how to run the Marketing Report in PracticeWorks practice management software. (5 minutes)

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I have looked and cannot find out anything that gives me the option of file, print? or marketing report, where do I find this?

@LW  - These instructions are for the CS PracticeWork software. From what I can see your practice uses the CS R4+ software. Unfortunately, these steps will not be the same within your software. 


From what I can tell, as i am unfamiliar with the workings of the R4+ software, this thread and document will probably get you the closest to this. 


I can see in the PDF document that there is an option just above the one for looking for those with a specific Marker to those who have a specific treatment code.

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