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PracticeWorks: Generating a List of Patients and Insured Parties by Insurance Company

PracticeWorks: Generating a List of Patients and Insured Parties by Insurance Company

There are two ways to generate a report that shows this information. Follow the steps in the Sections below.

Section 1 - Printing the Insured Parties by Ins Co Contact Expert (List of Patient Names with Total Count and [Contact] Option)

Section 2 - Printing the Insured By Insurance Company report (List of Patient Names with Addresses, Sorted by Employer/Plan and by Primary Doctor)

 **IMPORTANT: If an insured party is not marked as a patient, the insured party as well as all of the patients falling under them will not show up on these reports. In cases where the office wants to include the the patients falling under these insured parties, the office must install either the Patient List by Employer Plan or the Patient List by Insurance Company Expert from The Expert Exchange. These Experts will still not show insured parties who are not marked as patients, but they will show the patients who fall under them.

Printing the Insured Parties by Ins Co Contact Expert

  • Although a report fitting this criteria is already included in the PracticeWorks Software (see Section 2 bleow), it is possible to download one from the PW Expert Exchange which includes several different features.
  • The Expert is located on the Exchange server under PWSupport. It is titled Insured Parties by Ins Co (once this Expert is downloaded, the office will find it under Experts > Contact Expert > User defined).
  • The Expert provides a simple list of just the Patients' names (with no other info, aside from their Insurance Company and Employer/Plan), but it includes a numeric Total Count and a Contact button option. There is also a Print button.
  • IMPORTANT: The results of the Insured Parties by Ins Co Expert may possibly include Inactive Patients who are still attached to the Insurance Company. This is why PracticeWorks recommends always removing the Insurance coverage completely whenever a Patient is made Inactive (set it to None).
  • If the presence of those Inactive Patients in the Expert's results creates a problem, you can always set up an AutoLink from the Expert to filter them out by creating a Field Export with Person First Name and Person Last Name, and then use "Cannot be Inactive" for the filter. Another alternative is to download the User-Defined Contact Expert titled Patient List by Insurance Company, from the PracticeWorks Expert Exchange.

To use the Insured Parties by Ins Co Contact Expert, follow the steps below.

1. Click Experts.

2. Click Contact Expert.

3. Click User defined.

4. Highlight Insured Parties by Ins Co, and click OK.

5. Click Generate new Contact Expert.

6. Highlight the name of the desired Insurance Company.

7. Click OK. A progress bar will appear while the report is generated, and then the Insured Parties by Ins Co Expert will open.

  • The total number of Insured Parties appears in the lower left corner.
  • The list can be organized in order by Name or by Employer/Plan by clicking the column headings. It can be scrolled up and down by using the arrow buttons.
  • To record a Contact with anyone on the list, highlight their name and click Contact.

Printing the Insured By Insurance Company Report

  • Included in every version of the PracticeWorks Software is the Insured By Insurance Company Report, which lists the Patients' names along with their addresses, and is sorted by Employer/Plan.
  • This Report differs from the Expert (described in Section 1) because it includes the Patients' addresses, it can be generated/sorted by doctor's names, and because it offers the option of listing either just the Responsible Parties or including all the Insured Parties as well. It also offers the option to get a Report showing only the insured persons from just one Employer/Plan.

Follow these steps:

1. Click File.

2. Click Print.

3. Click Insurance. For older versions of PracticeWorks, click Other Reports.

4. Click Insured Parties by Insurance Company.

5. If using an older version of PracticeWorks, click Print Report to bring up the criteria screen.

6. Uncheck Print separate reports for (unless separate reports are desired).

7. Check Print combined report for (unless separate reports are preferred).

8. If desired, check Print patients covered by insured parties (this creates a list that shows both the Insured Parties and the covered Patients).

9. Select Print patients for ALL insurance companies to get a list showing everyone who uses every Insurance Company, or Print patients for a specific Insurance Company to get a list of only the people who use a particular Insurance Company.

10. In cases that the Specific Insurance Company option is selected, go to the list at the bottom of the window and click the name of the insurance company that a report is required.

11. Click OK.

12. Print the report by following the prompts.

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