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PracticeWorks: How to Correct a Ledger Entry Less Than 90 Days Old

PracticeWorks: How to Correct a Ledger Entry Less Than 90 Days Old


Correcting a ledger entry less than 90 days old


The first step in correcting a Ledger entry is determining whether the entry was made for the current day's Appointment.

If the entry was made today, simply right-click on the Appointment to undo the Check Out, then resume the Check Out and make the necessary correct entries. However, if the entries were made on a previous day's visit, a different and more involved method is required.

A number of fields on an Ledger entry less than 90 days old may be easily edited without removing the entry. These include the dollar amount, the producerinsurance submittal, and tooth information (number, surfaces, and quadrant).

Changing the date of service requires removing and re-entering the entry, as follows...

1. Open the Patient's Ledger.

2. Right-click on the entry which should be changed.

3. Select Correct entry.

4. When the "Correct Ledger Entry" screen opens, make the desired selection(s). (It is also possible to remove the entry entirely by selecting Remove Entry.)

5.Click Make correction.

6.In cases where the incorrect entry was completely removed, re-enter it at this time by pressing Add entry. (If the goal was to change the date of service for the entry, take care to input the new corrected date in the "Svc Date" column.)

Additional Information:

A document attached to this article gives complete specific details for performing corrections on Ledger entries in the software, both less than and more than 90 days old.

In some extreme cases, it may be necessary to have PracticeWorks Support enter an authorization code to perform certain edits. The "Edit ledger record directly" option typically requires that sort of security measure.

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