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PracticeWorks: How to Set Up Block Booking for Production

PracticeWorks: How to Set Up Block Booking for Production

Block Booking Defined
PracticeWorks practice management software uses the term block booking to describe the process of reserving specific times and chairs on your appointment book, during which only certain types of appointments can be scheduled. This technique may be used both for one-time occasions and for recurring events. This guide offers information on how your office can color-code the appointment book to indicate staff availability, vacation times, meetings, seminars and production type.

To set up Block Booking for production:

1. Click ApptBook > View > Block booking production.

2. Advance the calendar to the date where you want the first block to appear.

3. Highlight the time to be blocked by clicking-and-dragging on it. (The block will appear in dark purple.)

4. Click on the marked purple time block, opening the Block Booking Specification window (which allows selection of various criteria).

5. Click Select to display the View Production Block Definitions window.

6. Make the desired choice in the Description column.

7. Click OK to save the changes. (The definition will be displayed in the Block Booking Specification window, along with the color defined for that type of block.)

8. To change the block time ranges, select the applicable times from the drop-down lists.

9. For the effective dates, double-click each date field to open the calendar, and then click the calendar date to enter it into the field.

    IMPORTANT: The block can be set for a maximum of two years ahead, with the end date at the end of the second year.
10. To select additional chairs, click the chair names in the list.

11. To have this specified block recur at certain intervals in the Appointment Book, enter a number of days in the Repeat every field. (For example, enter 1 for daily, 7 for weekly, 30       for monthly, etc.)

12. Click OK to close the window and save the changes.

13. Repeat the steps above as needed to set up more blocks.

14. Click ApptBook > View > and Active appointments to get the appointments back on the screen.

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Our  wish would be that we could do block booking while in our active appointment book.  We block emergency times aside on days where the schedule is filling up and there isn't much open time left.  It is made difficult because you are in an empty book when setting the blocking and can't see the active appointments .  It would be so much easier if block booking could be done right from our active appointment book.  Not sure why the programmers thought it needed to be an empty book.


Good afternoon Danah,

Though not ideal, you could open a second instance of PracticeWorks and view them side by side. This will use a license while open so closing the second instance when done is advisable. 

That said, if we are able to enhance Block Booking in the future I will take this feedback into consideration. 


FYI, it no longer allows you to block for two years out - only one.  Very frustrating.

Hello Sonya 

I just double checked that myself, and inside of PracticeWorks 8.1.0 the Max date is still December 31, +2 yrs

Block booking Specification default.png

Two years from today's date, or two years from the beginning of the date range you are setting in Practice Works?

The max date's +2 years will always be from today's date year. That has not changed from past versions.  So even if you were creating block books for 2019, or even for some reason back in 2017, the max date will still be 2020 at the moment. Once we hit Jan 1, 2019 the max date will change to 2021.

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