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PracticeWorks: Inactivating and Re-Activating Patients

PracticeWorks: Inactivating and Re-Activating Patients

To make a patient inactive (or to make an inactive patient active again), follow these steps:
1. Open the clipboard of the patient who should be marked inactive (or active).

2. Verify that their Lives with and Responsible party settings are both set to Self.

3. Click Ledger. Verify that they have a zero balance and no outstanding claims.

4. Click Appt hsty to check their Appointment History for any future appointments. These must be canceled.

5. Click Insurance and remove all existing coverage by setting Relationship to insured party to None.

6. At the bottom of the clipboard, uncheck the box next to Active to make them inactive, or check the box to make the active again.

7. Click OK to close the clipboard.

8. When the software asks whether the patient's information is complete, click No.

9. Click OK to close the clipboard.


  • Removing the patient's insurance coverage is crucial, as this prevents inactive patients from turning up on lists of patients attached to particular insurance companies.
  • An additional step which some offices take is to edit the "Name" field on the Clipboard and add the letters "zzz" in front of the Patient's last name. (For example, so that "Molar, Molly" becomes "zzzMolar, Molly".) This moves inactive accounts down to the end of alphabetical listings.
  • A potential problem in zeroing out the ledgers is Automatic Discounts, which can create false credit balances. Examine the patient's A/R Setup carefully to be certain they no longer have a Automatic Senior Citizen Discount or anything similar.
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