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PracticeWorks: Issuing a Credit Card Refund or Void

PracticeWorks: Issuing a Credit Card Refund or Void

When a patient's credit card is charged, the funds at the bank are placed on hold awaiting settlement. Therefore, the patient will not have access to the authorized funds until the authorization is released, usually within 7-10 business days. Therefore, it is necessary in most cases to issue the patient a refund.

To Issue a Refund

1. From the patient's ledger, click Credit Card.

2. Click Refund.

3. Enter the Amount of the refund.

4. Enter the credit card information.

5. Click OK to enter the refund.

NOTE: The bank will not receive the refund until the credit card charges are settled.

If your office uses PracticeWorks 7.5 or above, the office may void the charge. Voiding the charge immediately releases the funds on the patient's debit or credit card, and voids the approval code.

Voiding a Credit Card Charge

NOTE: DO NOT Mark the Pending Transaction as "Settled"

1. On the patient's ledger screen, right-click the transaction & select Correct Entry.

2. Select Remove Entry.
3. Click OK on the confirmation prompt.

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