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PracticeWorks: Preparing and Printing Statements

PracticeWorks: Preparing and Printing Statements

The PracticeWorks software provides many ways to customize the process of preparing and sending statements. The office-wide defaults determine the billing cycle, what to include on the statements, and how late charges are calculated. You can also define messages to print on the statements when the account meets specific criteria.

To prepare and print statements, follow these steps:

1.   From the File menu, select Print > Statements > Prepare statement run... The first time you perform this function, the PracticeWorks software displays a message to remind you that once the statements are prepared, they cannot be undone.

2.   Click Yes. If this is the first time you are running your statements, you are required to contact a technical support representative for an authorization code. The code request is displayed.

3. Enter the authorization number and click OK. A status box is displayed while statements are prepared. When the statements are ready to print, a message is displayed.

4.   Click OK. The statements are added to the Statement Queue.

5.   From the File menu, select Print > Statements > View statement queue. The Statement Queue window is displayed.

6.   Click one of the following options:

  • Print all unprinted to print statements that were not previously printed.
  • Print this statement to print the highlighted statement.
  • View clipboard to access the selected patient’s Clipboard.
  • Print from here to print all the statements in the list from the selected statement down.
  • Remove this statement to remove the highlighted statement from the queue. You are prompted for confirmation.
  • Remove all statements to remove them all from the queue. A Warning dialog box is displayed to confirm this action.

7.   Click Close to exit the Statement Queue.

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