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PracticeWorks: Printing the Accounts Receivable Report

PracticeWorks: Printing the Accounts Receivable Report

Follow these steps to create the report:

1. Click File.

2. Click Print.

3. Click Accounts and Receivables. (In older versions of the software, click Other reports.)

4. Click Account Receivable.

5. Make the desired selections for the report's criteria. (In older versions of the software, it may be necessary to click Print Report in order to make the criteria screen appear.)

   NOTE: It is common to run a combined report, and not to check the Credit Balances option, although in some cases a list of these accounts are specifically    needed.

   IMPORTANT: If the office needs a Credit Balance Report, un-check all the other options so that only Credit Balances remains checked.

6. If the details of each account balance (such as the dates on which outstanding claims were submitted) are not needed, check the Print in condensed format option. This will generate a list of account holders' names and the amounts due, with the totals at the end of the report.

7. In cases where more detailed information about each account is needed, leave the Print in condensed format option UNCHECKED. This will create a longer version of the report.

8. Click OK to run the report.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Accounts Receivable Report can only be run for the current date. It is not possible to run this report for previous days, previous months, etc.

The report provides a current, up-to-the-minute "snapshot" of the practice's A/R at the present time. This information can change instantly, just as soon as the next patient is checked out or the next insurance payment is entered.

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