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PracticeWorks: Record Lock 84 or File Lock 88

PracticeWorks: Record Lock 84 or File Lock 88

These errors are similar and fixing them is the same. 

The error could indicate that the file is current in use by another computer or user.  To fix this it may be necessary to close Practiceworks completely on one or more computers and then re-open it.  If PracticeWorks will not close on it's own, you can force it closed by clicking Control + Alt + Delete, bring up the Task Manager, highlight PracticeWorks in the Task Manager, and click End Now.

This error can also happen when PracticeWorks is disconnected from the network while a patient record is open, causing a session to remain in the server's Pervasive Microkernel.  To fix this the session can be cleared manually following these steps::

  1. On the server, click Start > Programs > Pervasive
  2. Click the Pervasive version (e.g. Pervasive SQL 2000i)
  3. Click Utilities > Monitor
  4. On the Monitor, select MicroKernel > Active Users or MicroKernel > Active Sessions
  5. On the Active Users or Active Sessions screen, highlight the name of the user to remove
  6. Click Delete current user (if the same name appears repeatedly, delete all instances of it)
  7. Close the window
  8. Open PracticeWorks
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