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PracticeWorks: Running the Periodic Report

PracticeWorks: Running the Periodic Report

This report is used to get the Account Receivable and production information over a period of time, instead of just a single day.

It can also be used as a fast way to get a count of patients seen and the number of appointments within a date range.

To run the Report:
1. Click File.
2. Click Print.
3. Click Accounts and Receivables *with some older versions, skip this step
4. Click Periodic reports.
5. Enter the desired date range for the report in the first two blank fields.
6. Select All or Specific from the button options beside Print reports(s) for.
7. When Specific is selected, click the drop-down arrow (in the window that opens) to search for the desired producer's name. Click on the desired producer's name.
8. Make the desired selection(s) under Reports to print.
9. Click OK.
10. Follow the pop-up prompts to print or preview the report.

Important: It is necessary to select All on step 6 to make the report shows data for all producers. Otherwise, only one employee's work will be listed on the report.

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When I run this report to get only the doctors info, it is still pulling all providers.




The periodic report is primarily based on the A/R owner, which is what you are choosing when it's either All or Specific.

For the production summary pages, it is pulling all production that is owned by that A/R owner, then it creates a separate page for each Production owner.  It will list the production/codes that belong to that production owner on their page, separated then, by the producer who actually did the work. Because it bases it on the A/R owner, then the production owners, it will pull all production, regardless of the producer



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