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PracticeWorks: Running the Recall Contact Expert

PracticeWorks: Running the Recall Contact Expert

It is important to remember that PracticeWorks uses the Recall Expert to create lists of patients who will be due for an appointment soon and who must schedule their appointments. (If you need a list of upcoming appointments which are already scheduled, use the Appointment Confirm/Review Expert instead.)

Follow these steps:

1. Select Experts > Contact Expert.

2. Click Recall.

4. In cases where a Recall Expert has been previously created, a pop-up message will appear saying, "An existing recall contact was created on..." When this is an acceptable recent date, click Yes and skip to Step 7. However, if this is an old date (and a newer Recall list is required), click No.

5. The Recall Contact Expert Criteria screen appears. This screen allows you to select a date range and various other criteria. Make the desired entries.

6. Click OK to close the Criteria screen and run the Expert. The program display's a message saying it is searching for matches.

7. The Recall Contact Expert results appear. The contact management features may be used to call patients and make appointments, use the Contacted button as a record-keeping tool.

8. After making an appointment for someone, change the Print? column entry to No, so they will not get a post card or label if such items will be printed later.

9. There is also an option to print this entire report to paper, by clicking Print report.

NOTE 1: It is possible to use this Expert in different ways. For example, it can be used to find Active Patients who are not on Recall by simply setting the criteria to "Patients not on recall" and "Active patients."

NOTE 2: The Recall Contact Expert only finds patients that are due for a recall -- but who are not already scheduled for a recall -- within a selected date range. To find people who are past due for a recall, leave the start date blank in the criteria window when running the Recall Contact Expert. Enter the end date like normal. This will find all patients who are due before the end date that is specified.

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