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PracticeWorks: Setting Up a Scanner from the Charting Module

PracticeWorks: Setting Up a Scanner from the Charting Module

Setting up the Scanner on an AutoLink from a Charting Button

  • *NOTE: Scanners must be TWAIN-compatible to function inside of the software.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: You must have Charting and Clinical Imaging entries marked Yes on the License Details screen before attempting to integrate a scanner.

To set up a Charting Button for the scanner, follow these additional steps:

1. Launch a PW Charting session from any patient.

2. Go to the Hard Tissue tab.

3. At the bottom of hard tissue, select the Other button to display the other buttons section.

4. Right-click in an empty area and choose Add button. Then choose the radio button for a user-defined button. 

5. When the pick list appears, choose Define new.

6. Only two fields must be changed. Add Scanner for the button label, and select the button icon called TekScan (toward the bottom of the choices).

7. Click OK to go back to hard tissue.

8. There is now a new button called Scanner. Right-click on the button and choose Define AutoLinks.

9. Select Add on the pick list, and then select Acquire image via a TWAIN.

10. Choose the new scanner.

11. When prompted if response is optional, choose No, always respond WITHOUT asking.

12. Click OK and then select Yes on the next two pop-ups.

13. Finally, add an entry to the PracticeWorks "ini" file for storing the images to the Document section. To do this,

  • Click the Windows Start button and select Run, then type "pworks.ini" and push OK.
  • A notepad version of the ini will open. Go to the IMAGES section of the ini and add the following entry: DocDestDir= X:\"data path"\camera\capture\

The data path may vary from machine to machine. For example, when on the server it is normally C:\pworks\data, on a workstation it may be G:\pworks\data (see example below). It is possible to obtain the path information from the [Files] section of the ini or, typically, from the CameraDestDir entry.




14. To scan, go into the patient's chart and select the Hard Tissue tab. Click the newly created button to launch the scanner software. After the document/image is scanned, it will automatically be saved to the documents section in the Attach(ed) img section. When highlighted, it will display the image(s) in the thumbnails. Be aware that the "documents" will hold a value for the accumulative total of documents/images scanned for the patient.

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