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Canine II

CS R4+ April 2018 prices

How do I update the CS R4+ prices for April 2018 from the attachment, as normally I get sent disk in the post to me, so this way is all new.


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: CS R4+ April 2018 prices

Dear Beverley,

You will still be getting the fee update disk in the post, but if you would prefer not to wait then you can download the 'zip' file on to your server, unzip it and double click on the package autorun. This will then run the fee update through as normal, you need to make sure all PC's are logged out of CS R4+ before you run it. Also once it has finished running the update, you will need to log into CS R4+ on your server and select to import the new code update when prompted.

Kind Regards