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Canine II


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Are we able to print the charting of a patients BASIC PERIODONTAL EXAMINATION 

from clinical chart.

Thank you in advance

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Canine III

Re: printing

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Hello Sian,

Unfortunately at this time you cannot print the BPE straight from R4. However we do have a workaround that allows you to printscreen the BPE & print it out

  1. Open up the BPE through the clinical chart
  2. Click the start button in the bottom left
  3. Search for a program called 'Snipping Tool'
  4. Once you open this program up, click on 'New' in the top left
  5. Select the BPE & then click print

If you have any trouble with this then let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Stuart Titmuss

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: printing

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Dear Sian,

My colleague Stuart is correct with his advice above, but I would also like to mention that the BPE prints when you print the patients Clinical History (along with the reast of the patients clinical notes). You can print this in the patients treatment plan by pressing the downwards pointing (additional options) arrow at the top right of the patients treatment chart, then select the option for 'View Clinical History'.

Kind Regards